Welcome to Quality Aquatics Pet Shop – we are your tropical freshwater stop shop! We carry a wide variety of odd fish you will not find at other big pet shops. If you have a certain type of fish you are looking for or a concern on what benefits your fishes, contact us. We look forward to seeing you here!



New shipment Fahaka puffer Panda Cory Gossei Cory Rabauti Cory Assassin snail Electric blue jack Dempsey (1") Honduran red point (1") Aulonocara lwanda ( male) Enantiopus kilesa L-134 leopard frog pleco Geryi piranha 7"@$424.99

As of 9-22-17

Updated as of 9-22-17 PEACOCKS & HAPS: Aulonocara red shoulder Aulonocara saulosi " green face " Aulonocara lwanda aulonocara masoni (juvie) aulonocara usisya (wild males/ fry) Aulonocara usisya " albino" ( juvie) aulonocara ethelwynnae (fry) aulonocara koingsi...

5-2-17 New Arrivals

Black piranha Royal clown knife Albino Asian redtail catfish ... Sterlet sturgeon (1.5-2") Iridescent shark Adonis pleco L-155 Live black worms Also still got a lot of frozen food


Here are some testimonials from some of our recent clients. We hope to please you just as much!

Awesome local fish store. And lives true to its name. Quality. Andy is a great owner and very honest, which is rare in my experience. My new go to store 🙂 I’ve imported a lot throughout my years and I’m telling you the prices are amazing due to his philosophy of “turn over” to move quality products quickly and bring in fresh new products. I give the “Q” as of this moment, an A for livestock!

Sean K.


Stopped in today to pass some time and we ended up spending 2 hours there. The quality of the fish is excellent and their prices are very fair for what you are getting. Owners were super friendly and knowledgeable. Hands down the best fish store I have visited so far.

Arthur T.


Great selection of nice healthy looking fish. Stopped today and got some great looking rummy nose. Andy the owner is very friendly and helpful, even sent me pics of fish before I drove there. Prices are very reasonable. Saw a lot of quality fish you don’t often see this close to the city. For sure will be back many times.

Jesse H.


We have visited all of the Metro area pet and aquatics stores we can find and by far the cleanest shop, and best fish selection we have found. Our Ranchu we purchased has excellent conformation and has been happy and healthy since the day we brought him home.

Kari W.



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